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wammys--house Asked: Yo! I just saw your post on miiverse. I just wanted you to know your ACNL avatar is really cute ^°^


awwwwhhhhh!! Thanks x33DDDDD

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STORY OF SEASONS - Localization Blog #1, GO!


Greetings, true believers!

In spite of the relative silence on Story of Seasons, let me first assure you that the machine is humming along quite nicely. For a game about farming, some of you might wonder how much text it could have. Some of you longtime Bokujou Monogatari fans and fans of the…

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I’m still in awes after watching the maze runner movie last night. And I’m fine with the changes which it made it more epic imho. I’m happy with this movie! Can’t wait for the scorch trails! >w<

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